gather, link, play, rewind

My work style follows a 4-step method: Gather (info), Link (ideas), Play (work) and Rewind (evaluate). The outcome is a sustainable solution that touches all corners of your brand, and a complete alignment of your message.

Good to Give
Motto: Goed om te geven, geweldig om te krijgen!
Type: Wholesale Fair Trade Supplier
Project name: Perfect imperfections
Video: transformation old > new

In this exciting, 100% remotely managed project, together with Studio Redefined, we delivered an entirely new website with the theme “Perfect Imperfections”, highlighting the handmade, organic products at their core. The assignment was to bring to life an online presence that translates their work essence and overall B2B proposition as a wholesale fair trade supplier of original and tailored-made gift packages. The result is a beautiful, soulful website that aligns all of that with a brand new identity.

Motto: Creating value together
Type: European Alliance of Insurance Companies
Project name: Sustainability action plan

Eurapco requested a strategy in which all insurance companies members of the alliance could collaborate together with a sustainable action at its core. The output was a complete 5-part report containing analysis of the issue, common grounds, and a marketing and partnership strategy applicable to all 7 member-countries. The project was presented to the director of Eurapco and further shared with leaders of each allied company.

Type: Retail, on- and off-line
Project name (later became motto): More than vaping, a lifestyle!
Image: Identity transition

Together with the Rotterdamp team, we unveiled the best alignment between services, proposition, brand and identity, building a future-proof framework. The output was a rearranged and streamlined website, a complete in-store renovation, and a brand new Brand Book containing slogan, mission statement, proposition, brand values and a Tone of Voice.

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