my friends call me Gio.

Hello there!

My name is Giovana Cremasco and I was born in Brazil, where I grew up amongst nature and with a passion for different languages and cultures. In my 10 years living abroad, I have called home Italy, Australia and now the Netherlands.

I have a BA in Communication Studies, and a MSc. in Business Communication and Digital Media, with +7 years of work experience in Branding, Marketing and project management. I am energetic and resourceful, with strong hands-on attitude and focus on impactful business solutions.

Through my work, I strive to bring tailored solutions to clients who need to “get the house in order” and generate revenue.

I am a catalyst of knowledge and an expert in end-to-end approaches to Branding, Marketing, Communications, Corporate Alignment & Project Management. My work style includes a sharp eye-to-detail, an extrovert personality and a humanistic approach on different disciplines, departments and processes. 

My overall interests range through travelling, technology, art/design, sailing and overall mechanics.

Looking for a positive change and an energetic partner?